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This is Cross the Line, a blog all about showing you that no one is alone. The purpose of this blog is to see that what you're going through is similar to more people than you think. Just like how you cross the line in the activity and see how many other people deal with what you go through. The only difference is our topics range from Suicide to a love of Harry Potter and beyond.

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 People crossing the line

Cross the line if you’re supposed to be better but there’s no week in which you don’t feel all broken, and it doesn’t matter if you were the happiest person in the world minutes ago,’cause then you hear, see or remember something and suddenly you want to fucking disappear and you feel powerless and you’re not any better, and you should be and you hate yourself and it’s so hard not to find some sharp thing and calm yourself.

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Cross the line if sometimes you wanna hate your dad because then it would be easier.

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CTL if you admitted you liked them, they had dinner with you for months, you realized you loved them, but before you admitted it they said “let’s just be friends.”

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Cross the line if your friend hates you because you both like the same band

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cross the line if you feel like your friends have moved on without you and soon you’ll be all alone.

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cross the line if you just need to talk to someone but don’t want to draw attention to yourself or come across as attention seeking.

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Cross the line if… 

You slept with your boyfriends best friend and liked it.

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Cross the line if you need to tell someone but you have no idea how to say it.

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Cross the line if losing touch with your friends terrifies you.

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Cross the line if you see your old friends moving on and you feel lonely but you know they deserve better so you say nothing at all.

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Cross the line if you were so depressed you wished someone would murder you to put you out of your misery.

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Cross the line if… Your best friend is on twitter and you don’t know if you’ll ever meet her but she’s the only reason you have to live

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Cross the line if you lost your virginity to the guy you’ve been with for a while and you know he’s the one, but your family tells you that it was a mistake.

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Cross The Line 

If you want to get lots of tattoos and piercings but is scared that it’ll mess of your future.

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cross the line if you starve yourself because you feel like its the only way to have some sort of control over whats going on in your life

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