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This is Cross the Line, a blog all about showing you that no one is alone. The purpose of this blog is to see that what you're going through is similar to more people than you think. Just like how you cross the line in the activity and see how many other people deal with what you go through. The only difference is our topics range from Suicide to a love of Harry Potter and beyond.

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 People crossing the line

Cross the line if you just want somebody to need you.

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Cross The line if you have been diagnosed with a life long illness at a young age, and you battle against it everyday and no one understands how you feel.

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Cross the line if… 

Your ex-best friend left you because you were too depressed and negative, but you got really mad and said some really horrible things to them. You wish you could take it back and just be friends again, and you also feel like a horrible person for it.

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Cross The Line 

 If you called your senator regarding the FCC Fast Lanes.

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Cross the line if you’re a cheerleader with severe depression.

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Cross the line if your mother is an alcoholic and you’ve recently realized that she’s not going to change and there’s nothing you can do, so you should just stop hoping she will change, and it breaks your heart.

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cross the line if 

cross the line if you have a beautiful sister who has shown you the light, shown you recovery is possible and so so worth it.

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I felt so alone today that I tried to create an imaginary friend, and it shouldn’t hurt so much that it didn’t work,because I knew it wouldn’t, I’m not fucking stupid.

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Cross the line if you’ve ever just been done with it all and finally told your parent/therapist that you want to go to treatment, but they tell you you’re not “bad enough” to go yet

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Cross the line if your whole body is shaking for no reason and you don’t want to  hear anything because everything is so fucking loud. And you listen to music so you won’t hear it and you’ll go to your world where everything’s fine, but you can’t, you keep listening to louder and louder music and your ears hurt but it isn’t enough, you keep hearing it and you’re still shaking and you want to throw up and why are you fucking crying?

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Cross the line if no matter what you do, your father thinks you’re useless and won’t go anywhere in life.

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Anonymous asked, "My bf is turning 21 next month and I wanna do something special, but i dont turn 21 till november. I need ideas on what we can do thats really special because he always pays for me and i wanna do something for him. I wanted to take him out and then maybe to a hotel, but i know he doesn't want to go to any hotels.. And ideas? Thanks."

If he doesn’t want to go to a hotel, don’t take him to one. 

I have a friend who just turned 21, and they all went out somewhere that was 18+ but still served alcohol so he could revel in the fact that he could buy a beer and stuff and his girlfriend was DD for him that night. Then later our friends all had a party for him where he could get trashed. 

As for something special, I don’t know what your boyfriend likes so I can’t really help you there. My fiance hates celebrating his birthday. I get him a present and he’s mad (kinda) that I spent money on him. His idea of a good birthday is just spending the day with me. Video games and cuddles and some Doctor Who. So I just try to make that extra special for him somehow. 

But you just have to figure out what he wants. I don’t know you or your boyfriend. But if he says no hotels, then don’t push the matter and spend money on a hotel room. 

Good luck!

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Anonymous asked, "My boyfriend hated love and hapiness for the longest time before we met so whenever we are really affectionate and happy, he gets depressed for whatever reason. But I love kissing him and he wont let me cause it makes him that way, idk what to do?"

I need advice (enter random problem here) or ”I’m fat, I hate my body, etc etc etc.”

I will occasionally answer advice here. But this is not an advice blog. Please message me on my personal:

I would sit and have a talk with him. And just be honest. Tell him you need affection. And ask what you can do for him to make him happy. There’s this book called the 5 love languages. It’s usually sold in Christian bookstores. I’ve never read it so I don’t know how religious it is, I just know at church and at my first year of University at a Christian school, we talked about love languages a lot. 

But anyways a love language is the form of affection that makes you feel love and you feel expresses your love the best. 

One of the love languages is touch. Hugs. Kisses. Etc. That’s my love language. I love cuddles and kissing and hugs from my fiance. I love hugs from my friends. Etc. It always just makes me feel happy when I’m close and can love up on someone. It sounds like touch is yours. And touch is DEFINITELY not his. 

Another one is words of affirmation. So if that’s someone’s. They love being told when they’re doing a good job. Even just simple things. It shows that they’re appreciated. So if this is your partner’s, making sure you’re thanking them more and pointing out all the good things you do is going to help so much. 

Third is Acts of service. It’s hard for me to explain this one so I stole a quote from Focus on the Family. 

Do you remember the old saying, “Actions speak louder than words”? For some people, that is particularly true of love. If acts of service is your spouse’s primary love language, nothing will speak more deeply to him or her emotionally than simple acts of service.

Maxine, who had been married for 15 years, came to my office one day because she was frustrated with her marriage. Listen to what she said: “I don’t understand David. Every day he tells me that he loves me, but he never does anything to help me. He just sits on the couch watching TV while I wash the dishes, and the thought never crosses his mind to help me. I’m sick of hearing ‘I love you.’ If he loved me, he would do something to help me.”

So basically it just means make sure you do all the little things. This is my stepdad’s love language, I think. At least for familial love. He loves when the house is clean. (And has at one point said I don’t love my mom if I don’t clean the house while she’s in the hospital). He loves seeing all the little stuff is done. It shows we all care about him and appreciate the stuff he does for us. 

Fourth is receiving gifts. Which sounds like a selfish love language, but some people just need the tangible things to know they are loved. Simple things. Like a card. Or flowers. 

And the last one is quality time. In the era we live in, we are so distracted by things. By cellphones. By video games. By everything. Just taking the time to sit down with your significant other and just spend time with them without the demands of the rest of the world or the demands of sex or anything else. Just you and them. That will make them feel loved so so so so so much. This is probably my second one. I’m yelling at my fiance all the time to put his phone aside and stop playing games on it lol. 

That’s a general gist of them. I’m a huge believer in the love languages. Figuring them out for people has helped me be a better friend, lover, and family member. Not everyone agrees with them and if you don’t, that’s okay. But my advice is maybe try to find out what his is, find out what makes him happy, and try to find a happy medium for the pair of you between your love of affection and whatever his love is. (: 

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Anonymous asked, "Im tuning 21 soon and I want to my bf to take my virginity for my birthday, but idk how to tell him that? he told me he belives sex is something to wait for, but we'll have been together for 7 months by then and i think thats a good amount of waiting. i know he's avoiding sex, he's not a virgin, but i still dont want to pressure him. I just know that if i was ever saving myself, it was for him..."

I need advice (enter random problem here) or ”I’m fat, I hate my body, etc etc etc.”

I will occasionally answer advice here. But this is not an advice blog. Please message me on my personal:

That is from our FAQ, which I say to make sure to read before sending in questions…..

But I suppose I’ll answer. 

Honestly what I would do is just sit and have a talk. If he’s not into it, then don’t press the issue further. 

And if he’s not a virgin, maybe he regrets having sex and now wants to wait. You have to respect his decision. 

While 7 months might be long enough for you, that could feel like a second to him. 

Consent here is key. If he’s not ready and he says no, then just leave the conversation alone. 

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Cross the line if you parents are both out of work and your now forced to work over 50 hours a week as a minor, and are completely exhausted.

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